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A practical workbook for a journey into the mystical understanding of reality, using the tools of hatha yoga, t'ai chi and Sufi meditative and breath techniques.

An uncomplicated overview of the mystic perception of our day-to-day "Here and Now" reality and giving a step-by-step system in which we can interact with that reality, broadening and enriching our understanding of ourselves.

The foundation is the mystic tradition which underlies all world religions. Established faiths all have undercurrents of the same concepts of our origins and how we should interact with our reality to the benefit of ourselves and our earth.

Currently there is a movement incorporating developments in theoretical physics, regarding different understandings of the sub-atomic quantum state, into philosophy and new mind/body healing modalities. "Living in the Here and Now" offers a course of action for the serious searcher of meaning into this reality.

To see more about the 4 day course relating to this manual, please feel free to contact me.

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